Wright Out of the Gate – What You Want and What You Need

Christmas and New Year’s Day are just around the corner. It’s the time of year when everyone is asked to answer the question: “What would you like Santa to bring you this year?”

Remember when you were little and the list would go on and on? My mom and dad always said that Christmas and your birthday are the only times of the year when the focus is on what you “want” and not necessarily on what you “need”. Having said that, my parents also stole the lines from a Rolling Stones tune that goes something like this: “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes. You might find. You get what you need.”

Having given it some thought I have arrived at the conclusion that old Mick Jagger has a point. I suppose there are lots of things I “want” but I can safely say that I’ve been lucky enough to usually get what I “need”.


I “want” to win a motocross championship! (It’s safe to say I won’t be finding that under the Christmas tree, but neither will anybody else. LOL) I imagine there are others like me who have things on their “want” list that money just can’t buy.

Then there’s those items that just don’t fit your budget right away. Those are the things you generally need to work hard for, save for and wait for. For me, it would be things like a brand new 2016 truck towing a brand new toy hauler or the opportunity to work with the top motocross racers and trainers in the world. If someone wanted to gift me those things, they would be cool for sure. LOL

As I get older, I realize that my “want” list seems to be getting more practical and realistic every year. When it comes to motocross, I have been very fortunate to have people and companies who are year-round “MX Santas” striking off just about everything on my “want” and “need” list. Inspired by their generosity and support, I’ve come up with my very own MX Christmas Poem.


Twas the week before Christmas, when all through my head

There were so many Thank-Yous still left to be said

All season our trailer was stocked with much care

Because of the sponsors whose products were there.


They got the support and the planning was done

Behind the scenes work of MX101

The sweet rig we used to cross this great nation

Was possible thanks to R&R Automation.


The blue sea of Yamahas gleamed just like fireworks

With GYTR parts and graphics by DeCal Works

The rough tracks were tackled with SSS Suspension

As well as some parts we got from Works Connection


My pants and my jerseys were all FXR

Whenever I wore them I felt like a star.

I walked with a strut in my great Forma boots

100 Percent goggles really finished the look.


But everyone knows to be safe when they race

So lucky was I to wear an Atlas brace

The ground is so hard, stones come at you like bullets

That’s when you’re grateful to wear 6D helmets.


To get up to speed when the start gate would drop

I could count on traction with tires from Dunlop

Spectators and riders would surely be deaf

If it wasn’t for exhaust pipes produced by FMF


Concerns that we had about engines overheating

Were greatly reduced with stuff from Evan’s Cooling

To keep motors from going to hell in a handbasket

The engines were sealed with Cometic Gaskets.


Mats, gas cans, and bike stands were very key objects

Provided to us all thanks to Matrix Concepts

It’s Renthal we counted on for bars, chains and sprockets

But for metal billet items, we had Nihilo Concepts.


From TM Designworks chain sliders and guides

Attention to details helped make for great rides.

To protect from the dust we used filters from Twin Air

And Cale kept his hands clean thanks to Mechanix Wear.


For triple clamps needed to help improve steering

The ones we could count one were from Ride Engineering.

Through whoops, jumps and ruts I got no monkey butt

Due to seat foam and covers provided by Guts


On rotors, fork sliders, and brakes we were keen

All provided with compliments of Mongoose Machine.

It’s Cycra for hand guards, disc covers, and skid plates

So much generosity for me and my teammate.


Decisions on gas for the bike overruled

Unless what’s poured in was VP Racing Fuel

Because I’m aggressive, the bike takes its toll

That’s why the team chose to use Motor Ex oil


T’was Canada’s Motorcycle who helped fuel my dream

By becoming title sponsor for our racing team

Just visit their website to fill Santa’s sac

With everything MX you’ll need at the track.


So here is my message from me, Dylan Wright

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!