Shawn Maffenbeier goes 1-3 to win the Canadian National Motocross Championship in the MX2 Class

Kennedy Lutz goes 1-2 to win the Canadian National Motocross Championship in the Women’s Eastern Canadian Class

Jess Pettis goes 2-4 and comes 5th overall in Canada and Hayden Halstead comes 9th overall in Canada

The team worked hard to keep the pits light and upbeat on the day of the final race of the year at RJs Motosport Park.  The sun was shining, and everything was ready.

Shawn Maffenbeier and Jess Pettis started the day off with a show of strength going first and second respectively, with Hayden nailing down a 9th place.  Guarded confidence crept into the pits as Shawn now had a good lead on Ryan Surratt.

The second moto saw Shawn and Jess in 4 and 6th after things got sorted out.  Surratt moved into first, but after a couple of laps, he crashed hard and Shawn rode the rest of the moto in 3rd place.  Jess pulled up to 4th place and Hayden had a fall that moved him back to 23rd.

With Kennedy Lutz delivering the Women’s East Championship the day before, it was a great day of celebration for MX101 FXR YAMAHA as we had our first Women’s East Championship and now our first MX2 CANADIAN NATIONAL MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP! 

The team could not be successful without a great team of dedicated professionals, as well as great sponsors that enable us to keep driving forward.  This is the teams 5th year, and we have never finished out of the top 5 overall.  That type of success requires a lot of work, dedication, and sacrifice by everyone involved.  Thanks to everyone on the team and our sponsors.

Photos by James Lissimore