After a lifetime of building and working towards his goal of racing Pro Ama SX, Jess Pettis fulfilled his dream as he lined up for his first ever event this past weekend in Oakland.

Being a rookie meant being slotted into the C group for both practice and qualifiers.  This gave the rookie time to shine as he was the quickest in the group every time they were on the track garnering lots of TV and discussion ROI.   He proved he more than belonged putting up times that would put him into the night show easily qualifying 19th overall.

Coming out of the second heat race start he nearly pulled the holeshot and once again was a focus of over 2 min of TV time as the “rookie Canadian”.   He got bounced around a little by the veterans and full factory riders before making a mistake that saw him get caught on a hay bale during a crash forcing him into the lcq.

The start in the lcq was no repeat as he rounded the first turn nearly last.  Putting his head down and making passes that would see him get as high as 5th Place (top 4 is needed to secure a spot in the main event).  While continuing to push he made another mistake on the rutted and very technically challenging track resulted in another crash.

Lots learned in this first attempt and this week some lessons will be worked on as challenge number 2 comes this weekend in San Diego where he attempts to add another checked box by making the main event.