That’s a wrap on indoors…

Richmond, Ontario (April 30, 2018)

One last race was attended before the team heads to the great outdoors at the end of May, Salt Lake City was home to Monster Energy SX for the weekend.  Jess Pettis was looking to prove that making the main event in Seattle was no fluke just because of the muddy conditions.

Right from the first practice where Pettis was seeded in the A group with the top stars of the 250 class he showed poise and aggression that proved he belonged with them.   During the open practice session and the 2 qualifying timed sessions he would shuffle between 11th and 13th overall ensuring a great gate pick for the afternoon heat races.  As the dust settled he would qualify 12th overall.

The first heat race did not go as planned as while in a transfer spot a rider cross jumped and collected Pettis sending him to the ground and damaging his bike, rendering a trip to the dreaded LCQ.  In that LCQ is where he really shined, starting just outside the top 5 Pettis was patient and showed his race craft as he dissected the tricky track and made key passes.  A few mistakes from others helped as well as to award the Royal Distributing FXR Yamaha rider his first ever win on the big stage.   As always Jess did a great job on the mic from the podium representing his sponsors with professionalism and that characteristic smile.

Main event time saw Jess methodically making up for a tough start as his gate pick was far on the outside, lap after lap he moved up.   At the highest point he climbed to 15th before making his first mistake of the night in the second set of whoops.   After remounting and having a little trouble re-firing the bike he would find himself with some work to do again.   Jess made a few late race passes to work back up to 18th.

The team now prepares it self for the MX portion of the Rockstar Triple Crown series as we have a few test sessions and the team photo shoot in the next couple of weeks.

All Photos Courtesy of Rich Shepard

MX101 operates Sand Del Lee Motocross Park.   They offer practice / riding, and events including the Walton ANQ races on May 26/27, the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown national on July 7/8, and the Sand Del Lee CUP race on July 28/29, as well as multiple weeks of MX Camps!  Visit MX101Life to find out about the track, and MX101Team to find out more about the Team.