Rinse and Repeat at Popkum….

All Photos by James Lissimore

Round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX portion took place beneath the breathtaking scenery of British Columbia. Located just an hour from downtown Vancouver, Popkum MX park would host its first ever Pro National Facility. The track sits just feet from the #1 highway and the layout features a very fast, (450 riders were clocked at 106 km/h) hilly 2 min lap time with treacherous roost.

Pettis would dawn the red plates as the current points leader for the first time in his career. As qualifying would wind up it would be again a signal that all 3 riders were here to prove last week is what is to be expected as they all sat inside the top 10.

As the first moto rounded the first corner it would be pettis and Cannella inside the top 5 while Halstead this time would have to play catch up as he remounted in the first turn dead last. Pettis would turn his sights on a dog fight with Redemption racing’s Josh Osby as the two swapped the lead numerous times. Ultimately Pettis would make his last pass stick and pull a small lead to take the win in moto 1. Cannella would have a quiet race by himself for the most part in 6th. Halstead charging the whole time would climb all the way to 10th on a track that was being touted as tough to make passes on.

Moto 2 started much better with all 3 riders in the top 10 in the opening laps. With Pettis in a 3 way battle for the lead, Cannella and Halstead started the push to the front. Unfortunately while the duo sliced through a mechanical would force Hayden to have a short day with a DNF. Cannella would keep the pressure on and push his way up to 5th by the checkers. With Kawasaki mounted defending series Champ Maffenbeier leading, Pettis would never give him more that a few feet of breathing room. Patiently waiting for a mistake as the pass was not needed for the overall victory on the day. The mistake would not come and they finished that way giving Jess his second overall win of the year and the right to continue to wear the red plate as we head to his hometown race in Prince George this coming weekend.

Thanks to all those that make it possible and a special shoutout to DeCal Works for the quick turnaround on those prestigious red plates!

All Photos Courtesy of James Lissimore

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