Wet and Wild…..

Round 3 of the Rockstar Triple Crown series took place in the mountains of Prince George BC.  A wet forecast met the riders this weekend with heavy overnight rain leaving the fresh sand saturated and very deep for the early sessions.  The rain continued through the morning ensuring our first mud motos of the year.

The guys all qualified well ensuring good gate picks for the first moto, from the concrete start pad.  From the drop of the gate Pettis ran up front with the leaders while Cannella and Halstead sat inside the top 10.   The first moto was that of attrition as the difficult conditions saw bikes and riders falter lap after lap.  In the closing stages of the moto on the last lap with Pettis running a safe 2nd place his bike came to a stop 2 turns from the finish.  The leaders had lapped upto 7th place so timing listed Pettis 8th even with coming up short on taking the checkers.  Cannella steadily moved forward to take 6th and Halstead right behind for 7th.

Upon checking the posted results it appeared that they had removed Pettis from 8th and placed him as a DNF.  The team would protest the ruling during the day, but that was denied by the on site refs.   We have now sent in an appeal stating our case and precedent from last season where the same situation occurred and the rider was given his position based on laps completed without crossing the checkered flag.  It is still under review, but it is a crucial 18 championship points.

Moto 2 would see the track dry out and early on the Royal Distributing FXR Yamaha team guys would run up front.   Hayden Halstead would grab his second lead of the series and lead his first full lap as a pro!  As the first couple laps settled in the boys would run 2-3-4 (Pettis, Halstead, Cannella) for the opening 10 mins of the race.   The front group of 6 would break away from the rest of the pack and hold it through the whole length of the moto.    As the checkers fell it would be Pettis 2nd, Cannella 4th and Halstead 6th for a great team finish!

Overalls on the day may be affected depending on the ruling of the appeal board on Pettis’s moto 1 placing.  As it is recorded currently Cannella was credited with 5-4 finishes for 4th overall, Halstead 7-6 for 6th and Pettis DNF-2 for 10th.    As it stands now with the DNF in place the red plate is moved to Shawn Maffenbeier by 5 points.   If the appeal goes through then Jess retains the red plate and a 10 point lead…..

The last round of the western swing before a 2 week break takes place in Minnedosa, MB, this Saturday.   The team will visit FXR HQ on Sunday and then Monday for the annual ride day

Thanks for the continued support.

All Photos Courtesy of James Lissimore

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