Hat Trick in Quebec City

This past weekend the Rockstar Triple Crown tour stopped in downtown Quebec City at the new Videotron arena.   A beautiful new building and we were welcomed with some of the friendliest staff I have ever had the pleasure to deal with at any stadium event.

The dirt was spectacular, and the tight layout was sure to make for some aggressive racing.  Jess has been on a hot streak and looked to keep his unbeaten run alive with a 3rd victory in a row.  Marco continues to build his confidence and indoor skills while looking for that SX podium.

As what has become the norm this year, Pettis showed why he has the red plate setting down blistering laps from the first practice.  He would set fastest time by over a sec on the 27 second track.   Marco not known for his timed qualifying skills would piece the track together bit by bit but admitted he never really got a full perfect clean lap in as the track was claiming mistakes from riders all day.   Pettis would sit on pole and Marco would be 6th heading into the evening races.

Pettis and Cannella would be in the same heat and both would have to overcome mediocre starts.  Pettis quickly worked his way to the front pressuring KTM’s Tanner Ward for the lead.   With a dive to the inside off the finish line that would be the pass that stuck and give Pettis the heat win.   Cannella would pass all the way to 4th securing good gate picks for both heading to the final.

The main would see another mediocre start for Cannella and Pettis just inside the top 3.   Jess would make quick work of the leaders and set sail for a smooth 15 laps until 5ft from the finish!  PRMX mounted Richard Jackson would wash his front end and fall right in from of Jess in the last turn.   With no where to go Jess had to endurocross himself over the downed Kawasaki losing precious time but thankfully he had built up a large enough lead to claim his 3rd main event win in as many tries.  Marco again had his work cut out as he passed his way up to 5th and locked into a last lap battle with KTM’s Tanner Ward.  He would come up a bit short of the pass and had to settle for 5th on the night.   Marcos’ results did not reflect how well he rode so the podium is certainly in reach for the last round!

A one week break in the action before this season is concluded in Hamilton Nov.17th.   Thanks to all those that keep the wheels on the bus and the boys on the road!

SX POINT STANDINGS (2-4 rounds complete):

1st Jess Pettis (+11 points)

4th Marco Cannella (- 25 points)

Triple Crown Standings (AX/MX/SX) for the team:

2nd Jess Pettis – 59

3rd Marco Cannella – 80

All Photos Courtesy of James Lissimore

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