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Richmond, Ontario (November 19, 2018)

That’s a wrap!

This past weekend the Rockstar Triple Crown tour had its final race of the 2018 season in Hamilton ON.  Its been 266 days and 19 race events since the opening round of AX in February that began on the other side of the country.

Jess Pettis claimed the teams’ 5th championship in 3 years on Saturday night with a 3rd overall on the night.  A mistake on the first lap that sent him back to last place would put an end to his unbeaten streak of 5 in a row, that started in AX and carried through when the SX series started back up indoors.

Marco Cannella would run as high as 3rd during the main event until a couple of veteran indoor guys would shuffle him back to 5th.   Both Cade Clason and his teammate Pettis would show the rookie some elbows up techniques on their way by.   The finish would be enough to secure him with 4th overall in the SX series and earn him the coveted Rookie of the Year award.

Series highlights:

AX Portion: Marco Cannella 2nd overall

MX Portion: Jess Pettis wins the Championship, Marco Cannella 5th, Hayden Halstead 10th after missing the last two rounds due to injury

SX Portion:  Jess Pettis wins the Championship, Marco Cannella 4th

Triple Crown Standings: Jess Pettis 2nd overall after missing 3/4 AX rounds, Marco Cannella 3rd

Rookie of the Year: Marco Cannella was the standout and looked like a seasoned pro all year long, many forgot that this was his first go around…. Just wait till next year.

Team of the Year: For the second straight year we received the most prestigious award that shows the dedication, passion and results of a group with a single purpose and focus to be the best.

A very sincere THANK YOU to all our sponsors as we look to build upon what has been our greatest season as a team so far.  2019 looks bright!


Photos Provided by James Lissimore (NOTE: SX Championship Team Photo Courtesy of DMX)

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