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Richmond, ON (April 8, 2019)

Round 1 of the arenacross portion of the Rockstar Triple Crown kicked off in the Abbotsford Center this past weekend.  Very déjà vu of last years opener, the dirt was very soft leaving the track as more of a survival event than a traditional AX track. 

The AX series duo of the Royal Distributing FXR Yamaha team of Marco Cannella and Luke Renzland came into the round healthy and ready to battle and that is exactly what was delivered by both riders.   Heat 1 featured both of them with Wright, Medaglia, Jurin and Nauditt as the “stacked” qualifier.   Cannella struggled early on with tip overs that would result in him having to ride the LCQ.  Renzland would battle the entire heat in a freight train for the lead, as the checkers waived he moved himself into 2nd and earned a spot directly into the main event and the clash for cash.  Additional championship points and money are on the line for the top 4 in each 250/450 heats as the 8 riders go head to head in a separate main called the Clash for Cash (an AX only event).

With the soft dirt the 250’s were at a major disadvantage off the start and Renzland worked his way forward the entire Clash to finish 4th just off the rear wheel of Nicoletti gaining a valuable 2 extra championship points.

The LCQ featured Cannella who made a quick pass for the lead on lap 2 and never looked back as he smoothed out some of the mistakes made during the day.   He would take the win and advance to the main event with some extra track and TV time.

The 15 lap final was action packed to say the least.  Cannella nearly grabbed the holeshot from the very outside using the Allan Brown Motorsports motor in his Yamaha YZ250F to its fullest.  He would have a scary moment as he would go down in the whoops and nearly run over by the pack.   He would pick himself up and very quietly have what may have been the ride of the night as he made his way all the way to 4th place.  The crowd and all eyes were on the top 3 of Floyd, Medaglia and Renzland though as they were at times wheel to wheel in a 3 rider freight train.   At the finish it remained in that order with only 2.5 seconds separating all of them.

The team now moves to Calgary this coming weekend for round 2.

Points standings

250 Pro

  1. Ryder Floyd 30 points
  2. Tyler Medaglia 27 points
  3. Luke Renzland 27 points (included are the clash points)
  4. Marco Cannella 23 points

All Photos Courtesy of James Lissimore

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