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Richmond, ON (May 6, 2019)

Round 4 of the AX portion of the Rockstar Triple Crown kicked off in Barrie ON, on Saturday night.  It was the final round of the AX tour before we head to the great outdoors.  A great track with awesome dirt and a huge crowd had all things pointing to another exciting night of racing.

We were going to need some luck as well as great finishes too pull off the Championship as Luke and Marco sat 11 and 13 points behind Dylan Wright.   

The day started again with Luke Renzland and Tyler Medaglia setting blistering fast laps as they battled back and forth on top of the leader board each session.  The top spot traded numerous times during the 2 sessions with Tyler finally setting a lap that Luke couldn’t top by a mere .03 seconds.   Marco would setup for the night show P5.

The first heat of the night would be dominated by Luke from the drop of the gate.  He would lead start to finish where he put ½ track lead in the short race.   Marco would struggle off the gate and a little mishap on lap 1 in the finish line corner had to play catch up in his heat.   He would manage to use some patience to work his way upto 3rd and a spot directly into the main event.

Next up would be the clash for cash and an opportunity to gain some valuable points as Dylan failed to qualify for it.   Another great start looked promising but a downed rider in the second turn left him down and playing pickup again.  With only the top 5 spots paying points he would come up empty.

The main event would again see a great start from Luke.  The changes that were made during testing were in the right direction off the gate.  The 15 lap main would be a dog fight between the two fastest qualifiers of Luke and Tyler.   Tyler would lead from the start to the finish but had to deal with the non-stop pressure from Luke every lap and every corner as he searched for the smallest opening to make the pass.  Marco would struggle from a poor start in the main and try to manage the chaos of the opening laps.  He would go back and forth and only be able to climb to 6th and unfortunately would give up 3rd in the championship to Tyler Medaglia and have to settle for 4th.

We now have a few week break as the series switches to outdoor MX to being the 8 round series in Calgary June 1.

Final AX Points:

1st Dylan Wright       109 points

2nd Luke Renzland    100 points (- 9)

3rd Tyler Medaglia   94 points (- 15)

4th Marco Cannella   91 points (- 18)

5th Brad Nauditt    89 points (- 20)

All Photos Courtesy of James Lissimore

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