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Richmond, ON (August 5, 2019)

This weekend saw the team near Quebec City in Deschambault.   Always a good enthusiastic crowd on hand to cheer on the riders.
The week leading up to this event is the ECAN (Eastern Canadian Amateur National) with titles on the line.  Our top amateur prospect that we have been grooming for a few years was on fire winning titles and the coveted Yamaha Canada Factory Ride for a year award (He receives use of a 2020 250F, and $2500 parts credit for the year).  He also raced the pro national and had very good results going 17-19 for 20th overall.
Qualifying went well as Luke and Marco were near the top of the board with both Powell and Halstead in the top 15.
First moto starts were terrible for all the guys as they were buried in the pack.  They were going to have to work as the rain came down making for a very slippery race track.   Not the greatest race after multiple crashes Renzland would be 8th, Cannella 9th and Halstead 13th.  Lots left on the table but the boys looked to regroup for moto 2.

A much better start for Renzland would see him in the hunt from the beginning.  Cannella would cross the line in 12th with passes needing to be made.  A big mistake from Halstead on the opening lap would see him back in the 30’s with 25 min + 2 laps to go.
Renzland would capitalize early and find himself leading with the current red plate holder of Dylan Wright right behind him.   He would ride mistake free and held off all assaults to take another moto win this year and move him to 3rd overall on the day.   Cannella would climb to 7th and 9-7 motos would be an 8th on the day.  Halstead with a big crash while working into the top 20 would crush his chances of a decent overall and 13-23 would only bring a 17th today.
We now have a weekend break as we reset and try and finish the MX portion strong in the final round in Walton ON.  Renzland holds down a close fight for the final podium position.

MX Points standings:
1. Dylan Wright
2. Jess Pettis -383.
Luke Renzland -707.
Marco Cannella -10912.
Hayden Halstead -210

Triple Crown Points Standings:
1. Dylan Wright
2. Luke Renzland -79
3. Tyler Medaglia -87
4. Marco Cannella -127

All Photos Courtesy of James Lissimore

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