For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Richmond, ON (October 21, 2019)

Back to Back SX Champs!

Round # 3 (Final Round) of the SX portion of Rockstar Triple Crown was held in Hamilton this past weekend.

The team was coming in holding the red plate with Luke Renzland looking to defend their SX Championship last year with Jess Pettis.  We were back to full strength as Marco Cannella had rejoined the series after his round 1 crash in Montreal while fighting for a podium.   

Luke showing why he was the points leader early on as he fought for the top spot in each qualifying session with Tyler Medaglia and Dylan Wright.   When the dust settled, he would come home 3rd just a few one hundred’s from the top spot.  Marco would struggle as a small mechanical would force a fire drill in the pits to get him out there on time but on an unfamiliar setup.    

Both guys ended up in qualifier 2, Luke got a good jump and battled to the front.  Marco had to play catch up as his poor qualifying spot gave him an outside gate pick which resulted in being buried in the pack.   Luke would come home 2nd right on the wheels of GDR’s Dylan Wright.   Marco would climb up to 5th getting him into the main event.

With the main event on the line, Luke knew that he only needed to finish right behind Dylan to claim the title.  As the dust settled on lap 1 he was exactly where he needed to be as they ran 4th-5th.    As the duo moved to the front of the pack, Luke stayed within a couple of seconds as he was careful in the lapped traffic.

As the checked flag waived, Renzland would bring home 2nd place on the night and his first Pro Championship of his career!  Marco would battle all race long and climbed to 7th.

The team wishes to thank all the sponsors that make this possible, and we look forward to working together for many more championships!

        SX Final Standings:                                      Triple Crown Final Standings:

1. Luke Renzland                                                   1. Dylan Wright

2. Dylan Wright                                                        2. Tyler Medaglia

3. Logan Karnow                                                      3. Luke Renzland

                                                                                    5. Marco Cannella

All Photos Courtesy of James Lissimore

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